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About us

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Most representative companies

Founded in 1961, Ortiz Construcciones is the parent company of what is now Grupo Ortiz. Its principal activities include civil engineering: motorways, highways and roads; hydraulic and industrial engineering, car parks; construction, services, infrastructure maintenance, subcontracting, etc.


This company is specialized in the renovation, conservation and restoration of monuments and buildings of historical and artistic significance across the country, such as cathedrals, other religious buildings, castles, bridges, civil buildings and property.



Dossier: CONDISA  - (PDF).


This construction company provides coverage to the Ortiz Group in Catalonia and specializes in civil engineering, construction, infrastructure maintenance, etc.


Founded in 1992, INDAGSA’s main activity is designing and developing constructive building systems based on the use of precast reinforced concrete structural elements. INDAGSA has its own system of industrialized construction, the INDAGSA CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM



Dossier: INDAGSA  - (PDF).


ASTEISA designs, constructs, maintains and operates facilities for comprehensive water treatment, according to the needs that society demands and the latest technologies available.



Dossier: ASTEISA  - (PDF).


INDITEC is the Grupo Ortiz's environmental company. It focuses on the design and development of parks and gardens, comprehensive landscape maintenance, operation of treatment plants, landfills, transfer stations and recycling centers, creation and provision of recreation areas, botanical trails, etc.



Dossier: INDITEC - (PDF).


COSFESA is dedicated to the construction and maintenance of railway lines. It features the latest heavy machinery, including a ballast cleaning machine, 4 tamping machines, a dynamic stabilizer and traction vehicle, 3 profiling machines, 6 conveyor belts for ballast bed cleaning, etc.

Dossier: COSFESA - (PDF).


ICMA-PROAKIS main activity is railway works. It specializes in metric and conventional track infrastructure, consolidation and lining of tunnels, trench stabilization, repair of viaducts, replacement of railroad bridges, etc.

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