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Business Units


Areas of expertise

We specialize in the following areas, both domestically and internationally:



Currently, there are projects in Mexico (energy substation, tertiary, residential and healthcare buildings), Colombia (public works, Concessions), Peru (environmental, building and civil works), Chile (photovoltaic plant), Panamá (hydraulic project and refurbishment) Romania (water and environmental projects) and Algeria (Factory). In Algeria, a joint venture has been created between Algerian company OLA and ORTIZ CONSTRUCCIONES for the construction of a factory implementing the INDAGSA construction system, which will allow for manufacture of certain prefabricated elements used in residential construction. 


ORTIZ CONSTRUCCIONES Y PROYECTOS S.A, parent company of the Group, was incorporated in 1961. The exponential growth of the company as well as the acquisition and gradual formation of new specialized companies has placed us among the top national groups in the construction sector. Grupo Ortiz  works with both private clients and also state, local and central Government projects.


Grupo Ortiz is considered among the medium-large Spanish companies, thanks to the Group's unique business approach: corporate stability, continued capitalization, reinvestment as well as low debt levels.



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