Industrial Operations & Maintenance

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Business Units

Industrial Operation and Maintenance (O & M)

ELECOR  creates and executes custom and comprehensive operation and maintenance plans for electrical and electromechanical installations, including preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance, both for industries, in buildings and electricity generation plants, electric infrastructures and public lighting facilities..



With regard to operation and maintenance in electricity generation plants:

  • Due to their complexity and demands for high levels of staff training, the maintenance of nuclear power plants is particularly noteworthy. The Group company, ELECOR SAU, does electrical maintenance, from the start-up of the Trillo Nuclear Power Plant (Guadalajara) and the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant (Cáceres), where the former generates 1065 MW and the latter 2000 MW of electric power.

  • We perform maintenance on thermoelectric power stations with accumulation of molten salts, including La Africana Power Plant, in Cordoba.

Meriting mention with respect to the maintenance of photovoltaic power plants:

Thus, we execute:

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