Solar Photovoltaic Plant (35.55 MWp) in Nacaome, Honduras

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Business Units

Solar Photovoltaic Plant (35.55 MWp) in Nacaome, Honduras

Nroject Name: Pacific Solar Energy project PHASE II

Client: Pacific Solar Energy, S.A., C.V.

Location: Nacaome (HONDURAS)

Contractor: Ortiz Energía S.A.U.

Term: 9 months

Project description: The Pacific Solar Energy project, Phase II, is designed to generate a nominal power of 28.4 MW, with a maximum of 35.55 MWp. Consisting of five 4.8 MWAs Inverters plus one 2.4 MVAs Inverter and a total of 104,700 photovoltaic modules with a power of 330 Wp and 1500 V. The panels’ support structure will be a uniaxial single-row tracker and the evacuation of the power generated will be through a 34.5 kV medium voltage line. The plant will have a state-of-the-art CCTV system and general monitoring.


Social benefits:

  • Creation of more than 300 jobs.
  • Subcontracting of 30 local companies.
  • CO2 reduction of 35,000 tonnes per year
  • Commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.
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