"Uribe Solar" Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant (58 MWp)

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"Uribe Solar" Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant (58 MWp)

Project: "Uribe Solar" Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant (58 MWp).


Location: Antofagasta. 

Contracted company: Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos S.A. Agencia de Chile.

Term: 12 months.

Work Description: Construction project for a photovoltaic solar power plant under the EPC model and subsequent O&M.

The photovoltaic solar power plant has a maximum power of 56,632,400 PV, comprised of 182,960 solar modules of 315 PV, 336 solar trackers on an east-west axis, and 24 2.2 MW input centres, each equipped with a 2,500 KVA transformer.

For the evacuation of power produced, a substation shall be built on the same site which will include a 50 MW, 33/115 KV transformer along with a 7.4 km-long 110 KV aerial line for the evacuation of power generated and the modification and interconnection of the existing URIBE Substation.

The Solar Plant shall produce energy in excess of 120,000,000 kwh/year.

Social benefits

  • More than 700 people hired over duration of works.
  • More than 60 full-time employees during operation of plant.
  • Participation of 20 local companies.
  • Generation of clean energy (reduction of CO2 emissions, at a rate of 32,500 tonnes per year).

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