Drainage in the Rio Negro District

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Drainage in the Rio Negro District

Client: EAAB-ESP (Acueducto y Alcantarilla de Bogotá- ESP Company). Located in Bogota. Responsible for supply and sewerage system of Bogotá.

Amount offered: $5.057.798.440 colombian pesos 

Lead time:10 months

Briefing:  aims to build local networks of neighborhood storm sewer Black River in the town of Barrios Unidos, due to extensive investment required for total construction stormwater networks in this neighborhood have been divided into phases and that this process is called Phase.

Currently Black River district has a functioning sewerage as a combined sewer presenting capacity gaps transport stormwater flow, therefore this process prior to the assessment was obtained for this system to work exclusively as health and is a new storm sewer design, thus realizing wean the sewer district.

For this quarter we designed a conventional storm sewer system, working by gravity, this project considers all areas deliver afferent canal Rionegro, designs includes the definition of drainage areas, runoff coefficients, flush, sinks, pipes to build, wells and interference generated by the flow areas will be captured afferent sinks through path type, located at the intersection of each of the channels, connecting to the manhole designed according to the corresponding planes of the project.

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