"La Independencia" Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (13 MWp) La Libertad department.

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"La Independencia" Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (13 MWp) La Libertad department.

Project:  "La Independencia" Solar Photovoltaic Plant (13 MWp).

Customer: Potenza S.A de C.V. (Grupo Borja).

Location: The "La Independencia” estate in the district of La Labor, Jayaque, in the "La Libertad” department, some 31 km from the city of San Salvador. 

Contracted company: Ortiz Energia S.A.U.

Term: commercial operation date (COD) 1/07/2017.

Description of the work: A construction project for an EPC photovoltaic plant and later O&M.  The solar power plant subject of this project is comprised of a total of four 2.72 MVA facilities which will house a total of 40,320 photovoltaic modules with 325 Wp of power. The total plant power will be 10 Mvac of  power (13,104 MW). 

The photovoltaic modules will be installed on a single-axis ground tracker with polar sun tracking on a horizontal axis with the modules arranged on a metal lattice structure (grid). An integrated remote management system is planned to record operating data from the system with two aims - one technical (easier plant operation) and one educational (spread awareness of the facility among visitors) in addition to a CCTV and comprehensive security system. A transformer substation with a 23/46 KV power factor will be built to evacuate the energy generated by the photovoltaic plant.

Social Benefits

  •  To generate jobs and economic wellbeing in neighbouring towns.
  •  To encourage the use of solar photovoltaic energy as an alternative energy production source.
  •  To decrease the emission of greenhouse gases when generating electricity.
  •  To save 100 hundred million gallons of bunker fuel.

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