Photovoltaic Solar Plant "Tepezalá II" in Aguascalientes (133,294 MWp)

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Photovoltaic Solar Plant "Tepezalá II" in Aguascalientes (133,294 MWp)


Location: the project is situated 33 km north of Aguascalientes in Mexico along the main N-71 Luis Moya to Pabellon de Arteaga road and 4.5 km from the town of Tepezala on the N-22 Rincon de Romos to Loreto road.


Latitude: 22º 12´ 27.11¨ North

Longitude: 102º 13´ 30.91¨ West

Altitude: 1950 m AMSL

Client name:  T.S.EPC of Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Company hired: Ortiz Energia, Mexican office.

Timeframe: MAY 2018 to JUNE 2019

Work description: the original design under review involves the implementation of a photovoltaic field consisting of 403,920 solar photovoltaic modules, each with an output of 330 Wp giving a total output of 100 MWn, 133,294,000 Wp. The panels will be placed on a single axis tracker which follows the sun from east to west. The design is for a 1,500 V plant.

The field is divided into 33 subsections each with a generating power of 34.5 KV, all monitored and controlled via a Scada system.

In order to evacuate the generated energy, we gather the 6 circuits into a 34.5 KV to 115 KV step-up transmission substation. The evacuation high voltage power line is the responsibility of the client.

Social Benefits:

  • The employment of more than 500 people.
  • The participation of more than 20 local companies.
  • A reduction in the production of CO2 by 120,000 tonnes per year.



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