"La Lucha" Photovoltaic Solar Plant in Torreón (163 Mwp), Mexico

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"La Lucha" Photovoltaic Solar Plant in Torreón (163 Mwp), Mexico

Project: LA LUCHA PROJECT Photovoltaic Solar Plant.163 MWp.


Location: Torreón, Mexico.

Contractor: Ortiz Energía Sucursal México.

Construction Schedule: (June 2019 - October 2020). 16 months.


Project description: 

Construction of a photovoltaic solar plant under the EPC and subsequent O&M system. The solar plant comprising the object of this project will feature 479,412 x 340 Wp photovoltaic solar modules and 47 x 3.2 MVA inverter centres each, to reach an installed power of 163 MWp.

The photovoltaic modules will be installed on 5590 single-line, one-axis Solar Trackers. A comprehensive remote management system to record operating data from the facility, and a CCTV system are planned.

The energy produced at the photovoltaic plant will be evacuated by means of a 230 KV Booster Substation and a Control and Switching Substation connected to the existing 230 KV power line belonging to CFE, including opening up of the line within the scope of the project.

Following on from construction of the plant, Ortiz Energía Sucursal México will be in charge of O&M for 24 months.


Social Benefits

  • Hiring of local personnel during works execution, reaching job peak requirements of 600 workers.
  • Participation by local and own companies in the region during the construction stage and subsequent O&M.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of around 145,675 tonnes per year.


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