Inauguration of the power plant in Guatemala

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Investors information

GRUPO ORTIZ Becomes a major photovoltaic player in Central America.

GRUPO ORTIZ has completed the construction in Guatemala of the largest photovoltaic power plant in the Central America and Caribbean region. The opening ceremony took place on February 3 and was attended by Mr. Otto Perez Molina, President of the Republic of Guatemala; Mr. Erick Archila, Minister for Energy and Mines; the President of GRUPO ONYX, commissioners of the power plant; and Mr. Juan Antonio Carpintero López, President of GRUPO ORTIZ, along with other national business and institutional representatives.

Delivering EPC construction for a photovoltaic power plant such as this requires significant bank guarantees, which, for this project, were granted by BANCO SANTANDER and CAIXABANK.

The Horus I Plant is located on a 175 ha. plot within the municipality of Chiquimulilla, in the Santa Rosa Department. Its capacity of 58.4 MWp makes it the largest photovoltaic plant in Central America and the Caribbean region. This project will provide energy to 30,000 homes and implies a 25-30 percent rise in the use of solar energy in Guatemala.

On an adjacent site, GRUPO ORTIZ has already begun construction of Phase II of Project Horus, which consists on a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 35 MWp, also commissioned by GRUPO ONYX. Under the same strategy in Honduras, GRUPO ORTIZ is, for GRUPO GESTAMP, constructing Phase I of the 42 MWp Marcovia photovoltaic power plant, also through an EPC contract.

These three major projects make GRUPO ORTIZ the main EPC contractor for building energy projects in Central America and one of the most important in Latin America as a whole.


Acto Inauguración Planta Solar Fotovoltaica Horus I, Chiquimulilla, Guatemala



Planta Solar Fotovoltaica Horus I, Chiquimulilla Guatemala

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