Grupo Ortiz has started to operate in Japan

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Investors information

Grupo Ortiz has started to operate in Japan with the EPC construction and O&M of a 20 MW Photovoltaic Plant in Yamagata, north of Tokyo.


GRUPO ORTIZ is starting to do business in Japan with the construction of a 20MW  photovoltaic  power plant for TRINA SOLAR ENERGY JAPAN, one of the world’s leading companies in solar panel production and photovoltaic power project development.

The power plant will be located in the Yamagata prefecture, north of Tokyo. It will have a 25.407.360 Wp / 20.000.000 Wac power capacity, from 79.398 solar modules, spread across the plant’s 60 hectares surface.

Ortiz Energy Japan shall deliver the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance  of the power plant, as well as the connection to Tohoku Electric Power’s electricity grid, through a 11.5 kilometres underground 22kV transmission line and a 22/66KV substation. The construction term is 18 months. The budget is approximately EUR 60 million.

The plant’s lifespan is 20 years. The expected annual output is 30 million kWh.

Corporate social responsibility achievements:

  • Local employment during the construction period
  •  Engagement of local businesses during both the construction and operation phases
  • Clean power generation (less CO2 emissions, compliance with Kyoto protocol, etc…)

This project further strengthens the position of Grupo Ortiz as one of the most important players globally in the construction of renewable power projects.

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