Whistle Blowing Channel

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Grupo Ortiz has an Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee, the purpose of which is to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics and all applicable legislation, whether this be related to staff or stakeholders in all activities it is involved in. In addition, it ensures the prevention of crimes which may be committed in all of the Group's activities.


The standard applicable to the Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee is governed by the principles of confidentiality, honour, equality, a fair hearing, objectivity and autonomy.

 Protection of Whistle Blowers

The Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee will ensure that no reprisals of any kind on those who have submitted reports or complaints in good faith. 


The Committee guarantees confidentiality to those who use any of the official channels offered. All communications shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


The Code of Ethics of the Group details the Information Channels so that all stakeholders can report any breech of this code of ethics, or offences, doubts or suggestions for improvement.

The channels established are the following.

-          Ethics Channel of the website of Grupo Ortiz

-          Email (comitecodigoetico@grupoortiz.com)

-          Post (Comité de seguimiento de código ético y de conducta Calle/ Ensanche de Vallecas 44,                    28051 Madrid España)


Once the investigation file has been instructed, the Ethics and Crime Prevention Committee is committed to carrying out the disciplinary, sanction and judicial processes required for the resolution of same.

Where it is deemed that the offences reported do not constitute an infraction, the report will be dismissed and the case archived. The person who submitted the report shall be informed of the reasons for such dismissal.

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