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Work With Us

We are a group focusing on RESPONSIBLE GROWTH, in other words, we focus on "the ability to anticipate events and develop a business management model which brings together effectiveness, efficiency and growth, taking as reference the welfare of people and their environment".

The following are the national and international vacancies within our group:


1. Civil work manager. LATAM: Professional experience of 7 to 10 years in earth moving and pipelines or urbanisation, for the construction of plants in Latin America. Mexico and Honduras

Reference EPFV LATAM


2. Mechanical work manager. LATAM: Professional experience of 7 years in the execution and MECHANICAL assemblies of solar/photovoltaic panels for the construction of plants in Latin America.



3.  Hospital Construction manager, PERU AND BOLIVIA: Professional required with 10 years’ experience in the execution of large construction projects. Experience in the hospital construction sector desired.

Reference Hospital manager


4. Civil Work Manager, JAPAN: Civil Engineer, consolidated experience as a PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT, experience in earth moving, slopes, site clearings etc…



5. Topography manager, JAPAN: Surveying Topographic Technical Engineer with experience in major projects involving earth moving displacements and availability to live in Japan.



6. Photovoltaic work manager, MEXICO: We are looking for an Electrical Industrial Engineer to join us as Project Superintendent for an important photovoltaic project in Aguascalientes (Mexico). The successful candidate will be responsible for the construction of a 70MW photovoltaic solar plant, controlling the development of its production and managing the human, technical, economic and material resources necessary for its execution within the established deadlines. Immediate availability.

Reference JOFVM


7. Maintenance and Design Modifications Technician. NUCLEAR CENTRE, GUADALAJARA, SPAIN: We are looking for an Electrical Engineer with at least 2-3 years’ experience in:

  • Execution of projects as electrical works superintendent in electrical installations or industrial installations and maintenance.
  • Preparation of economic valuations of electrical works and budgets.
  • Dealing with suppliers and customers.
  • Cost control.
  • Management of the workforce.

Experience in nuclear power plants welcomed.

Hours: mornings. Workplace: Trillo (Guadalajara). Immediate availability.

Reference JOECN


8. O&M Manager, MEXICO: We are looking for an Industrial Engineer with between 8-10 years’ experience in O&M management of photovoltaic parks. They will be responsible for coordinating the different O&M managers of each of the photovoltaic parks in Mexico, management of O&M contracts, interaction with the customers of each photovoltaic plant, search for new projects in the O&M phase, etc. ...

Workplace: Aguascalientes (Mexico).

Level of English required: High

Reference O&MM


9. Photovoltaic Solar plant O&M Manager, MEXICO: We are looking to hire an Industrial engineer with a high level of English and experience in O&M of photovoltaic parks on site. Workplace: Aguascalientes (Mexico). The successful candidate will be responsible for the direct relationship with the client, with the control centre in Madrid, suppliers (request for offers, orders, etc.), control and management of the plant’s workforce, analysis of the daily functioning of the plant, planning and management of preventative and corrective maintenance, preparation of production reports etc.

Proficiency using SCADA and GMAO programs

At least 5 years’ experience required in on site O&M of photovoltaic parks.

Knowledge of electrical installations, electronics, communications...

Level of English required: High

Reference O&MOS


10. O&M Technician in Photovoltaic Plants, MADRID: We are looking to hire an Industrial Engineer with at least 5 years’ experience in O&M, CMMS management and Scadas management. They will be responsible for preparing reports, collateral management, offering support to the team in the country etc.…

High level of English required.

Reference O&MT


11. Conservation Work Technicians. COMMUNITY OF MADRID: We are looking to hire technical architects/ industrial technical engineers with at least 3 years’ experience in the management of conservation works and client management.

Reference CONSERV


12. Administration of Temporary joint ventures manager, BOLIVIA: We are looking to hire a graduate in business studies, for a Head of temporary joint ventures Administration post for a hospital project in Bolivia.

Required: Experience and knowledge of legislation in the destination country.


Applicants: please send your CV to including the reference in the subject.

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