• Sustainable concessions to make the world a better place
    Global experience in sustainable investments covering all aspects of the project, integral and innovative solutions for engineering, financing, construction, operation and maintenance.
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A consolidated company
International presence and financial solvency, the foundations of a global company

Grupo Ortiz, with 60 years of experience, has a diversified business approach: Concessions, Energy, Infrastructures and Property. We are established in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Japan. We develop energy projects anywhere in the world. We provide efficient solutions in safe projects that offer added value and social impact.

Our results
Audited Revenues 2020
Audited Group EBITDA 2020
Energy Revenues
International Revenues
Grupo Ortiz Investment in Sustainable Projects
  • €450M+
    Audited Revenues 2020
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Our data support our evolution
Access our most relevant financial information: main figures, results, BB+ rating and audited annual financial statements.
What we do
We develop our activity in 4 business lines: Concessions, Energy, Infrastructures and Services and Property that have a sustainable approach by combining economic with social objectives.
Sustainable impact
Social and environmental management plans in EPC projects
R&D&I Investment
1.8+ GW
Renewable Energies
Sustainable projects in developing countries
Tons of CO2 avoided
  • Sustainable impact
    Social and environmental management plans in EPC projects
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The commitment in our DNA
Management committed to people
We manage to achieve a profitable business and results, but always taking into account the commitment acquired with people and the environment. This approach runs through all the business areas of our company, to align our business vision with social benefit and sustainable development.
Consolidating our internationalization

We are currently established in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Japan and we develop energy projects anywhere in the world according to the needs of our clients. Our vocation of permanence in the countries in which we are present means that we are committed to safe projects in which we add and contribute added value, creating a notable social impact.

Grupo Ortiz implemented in the country
Country with completed projects
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Financial Solvency

We grow responsibly and sustainably. Our financial solvency together with the high technical and managerial training are the pillars of this growth.

Fast response

Respond quickly to the needs of our clients, adapt to new business and be open to new opportunities.

Commitment to the project

We believe that each project is a new opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customers and the improvement of people's quality of life.


We manage projects involving major specialists and creating multidisciplinary teams that face all challenges with an integral vision.


Safety at work is a crucial element in our activity: protection of equipment, people and projects.


Thanks to our great diversification, we are able to apply the acquired experience of all our activities to achieve the best results.

A committed team of more than 2000 people
At Grupo Ortiz we know that we would not be what we are nor would we have achieved so many goals and successes without our team. That’s why we grant great autonomy to our professionals, who sustainably contribute to the goal of making the world better by building safe infrastructures, designing effective technical solutions and investing and managing remarkable projects that improve people’s lives.