People, economic efficiency, care for the environment, innovation and creation of shared value, inspire us to work on creating a better world.

Committed to People

Our commitment to people is a transversal commitment that runs through all the business areas of the Grupo Ortiz and aligns our business objective with social benefits. People are at the heart of our business: clients, employees, communities and suppliers.

Committed to sustainability
Our sustainable commitment makes us responsible for the legacy we have received in order to pass it on to those who will come after us. It also makes us responsible for the footprint that our activity leaves on society and the environment. And it makes us responsible for finding solutions to the needs of the present. Taking care of the past, thinking about the future, responding to the present.

Our commitment reports and certifications. You can consult the certifications that accredit our compliance in terms of quality and the sustainability reports of recent years and download them if you wish

Committed to the environment
Responding to the needs of our clients today, while caring for tomorrow. At Grupo Ortiz we look to the future and this is present in every step we take in our activity, from the use of clean energy sources in our offices, to the plans to rescue native fauna and flora wherever we carry out projects.
Committed to innovation
We are firmly committed to knowledge and creativity as an engine of responsible growth, which is why technological innovation is part of the culture in which all of us at Grupo Ortiz carry out our activity.