Cookies policy

1. What are cookies? Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) when you access a website or use an application. They allow the website owner to store or retrieve information about certain aspects of your browsing habits. At ORTIZ CONSTRUCCIONES Y PROYECTOS, S.A. (hereinafter, GRUPO ORTIZ) we would like to provide you with the necessary information about the cookies we use on our Website so that you can decide about whether or not to allow them to be used and about protecting your privacy.

2. What cookies do we use? We use cookies so that we can personalize and analyze browsing in order to improve the quality of the services we provide. The cookies we use are classified into several categories, and sometimes cookies can be included in more than one of them:

    • Session cookies: These cookies are temporary and are not stored on your device. They expire once your browsing session ends.
    • Persistent cookies: These cookies remain in your device and can be used after the end of the session.
    • First-party cookies: These cookies are sent to your device from the Website, although some of them are provided by the tool [*].
    • Third-party cookies: These cookies are sent to your device from a domain that is not managed by GRUPO ORTIZ, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through them. This is in order to allow certain functions. Our Website uses (i) [*] (ii) [*] cookies, (iii) and also [*] cookies.
    • Technical cookies: These cookies allow proper browsing of the website and the use of some options and services, such as those that allow monitoring traffic and data communication, identifying sessions, accessing restricted areas or using security items when browsing.
    • Profiling cookies: These cookies enable access to the Website with predefined features depending on criteria such as language, browser type or regional settings from where the service is accessed.
    • Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to track and analyze user behavior. This type of cookies allows us to monitor activity on the Website through aggregate or statistical information on browsing habits. We use analytical cookies, some of which are provided through [*] and [*].

3. Who uses cookies? The information retrieved through the cookies downloaded from the domain managed by GRUPO ORTIZ is used by GRUPO ORTIZ and by [*], as analytics service provider. Other third parties such as [*] access the information retrieved by the cookies managed from their domains. For further information, please access the links provided for this purpose.

4. How can I manage cookies? When users access our Website for the first time they are informed about the fact that we use cookies and about this Cookies Policy. If they continue to browse, they are consenting to the installation of the cookies they have been informed about. Users can then check this Policy afterwards via the link provided for that purpose. If you would like to withdraw your consent at any time concerning the cookies on this Website, you should delete the cookies stored on your device. Nevertheless, you are informed that if you block or delete cookies, some functions, services or contents on the Website will not work properly. Website browsers provide options to view, disable, restrict, block or delete cookies.

The following links provide information about cookie settings in the most widely used web browsers, although we do recommend consulting the Support or Help options in your browser for more detailed, up-to-date information in accordance with the version of the browser you are using and your device:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings

For further information, please check Microsoft support or the Help option in your browser.

  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Log -> Custom Settings.

For further information, please check Mozilla support or the Help option in your browser.

  • Chrome: Settings -> Display advanced options -> Privacy -> Content Settings.

For further information, please check Google support or the Help option in your browser.

  • Safari: Preferences -> Security.

For further information, please check Apple support or the Help option in your browser.

​Likewise, you are informed that some browsers allow private browsing sessions where cookies are installed on your device but are automatically deleted when you end your browsing session.