"PV-SHIRAKAWA" Photovoltaic Solar Plant (15 MWp).

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"PV-SHIRAKAWA" Photovoltaic Solar Plant (15 MWp).

Project: "PV Shirakawa" 14,902 MWp Photovoltaic Solar Plant.

Successful Bidder: Ortiz Energy Japan K.K.

Location: Shirakawa City, Fukushima prefecture.

Estimated term: 22 months.

 Construction project of a photovoltaic solar power plant under the EPC model and subsequent O&M

The photovoltaic solar plant is located a few kilometres away from Shirakawa City and will have a power of 14,902 MWp with Trinasolar 340 W solar modules.

The project has 5 investor centres of 2 MWn each. It has a 22/154 KV Booster Substation and it is connected to the electric network of Tohoku Electric.

The solar field is located on a mountain, which requires carrying out an important earthmoving task exceeding 780,000 m3 involving both cutting and backfilling.

The connection date is scheduled for October 2019.

Social Benefits:

  • more than 150 jobs.
  • hiring of more than 10 local companies.
  • more than 8,000 tons of CO2 emissions will be reduced.
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