Grupo Ortiz awarded at the 6th Edition of the COFIDES Awards.

The public / private company COFIDES held the 6th Edition of its “Internationalization and Development” awards on 20th February 2020. These awards by the Finance and Development Company (COFIDES) recognizes those companies and institutions who have stood out for their contribution to development, their international activity and impact investment. The Honorable María Reyes Maroto Illera -Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism- and Mr. José Luis Curbelo -President of COFIDES- were in charge of the prize-giving ceremony. GRUPO ORTIZ was honored with the “Overseas Project by a Large Corporation” category prize for its “internationalization process and strategy through investments improving the infrastructures required for sustainable development and having a significant social impact”.
On receiving the award, Grupo Ortiz’s President, Juan Antonio Carpintero, highlighted the enormous importance of this award and the special meaning it has for the company. Having a partner such as COFIDES, not only confers credibility to Grupo Ortiz in regard to its clients and the nations where it carries out its projects, but it is also a boost to raise the levels of demand and quality within the company. At this edition, Ibonis Rating was also awarded in the “Overseas Project by an SME”, the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation in the “Impact Investment” category and the Secretary of State for Trade jointly with the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations in the “Promotion of Internationalization” category.
An extremely interesting round table was held before the prize-giving under the title of “New European Architecture” featuring relevant personalities related to European Development Financing. Accompanying the President of COFIDES on the debate were José Antonio Alonso, an expert member of the Cooperation for Development Council and member of the United Nations ECOSOC Committee for Development Policy; María Shaw-Barragán, Director of the European Investment Bank Global Partners; Jolita Butkeviciene, Latin America and Caribbean Director at DG DEVCO European Commission and Bruno Wenn, President of European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI). The table was moderated by the Sub-Director of the “Cinco Días” newspaper, José Antonio Vega.