Grupo Ortiz 1961-2021

1961 - 2021
Sixty years of sustainable business, doing the things we are already experts at and also learning how to do new things.

Sixty years after Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos was born, we are still working together, doing the things that we are already experts at and also learning how to do new things. We grew by specialising in infrastructure in Spain, and in 2010, we made the leap to internationalisation. Today we operate in 13 countries, and our business and funding sources are broadly diversified: we invest in, operate and build international infrastructure and energy concessions. We are leading specialists in photovoltaic renewable energy and experts in sustainable infrastructure.

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Together we make a living company every day.
Our activity, through impact investment projects, seeks a balance between the necessary profitability of the activity and the usefulness for the setting in which we develop it. These are the requirements to be part of a sustainable business. Together, each day, we are working to make a company that is alive and sustainable. The marks of adaptability and continuous learning are imprinted in our history. In this anniversary year, we are making a wish: that the pandemic that is causing so much pain will finally be defeated. We are also determined to continue to work to make economic reconstruction a reality.