Grupo Ortiz. 2020 Provisional Results Presentation

A global infrastructure and energy concessionaire company

On Thursday 25 February 2021, Mr. Raúl Arce, the Corporate CEO, and María Carpintero, the Corporate CFO, presented the 2020 provisional results and the Group's strategy in a session held telematically from the Head Office in Spain. Grupo Ortiz defines itself as a global infrastructure and energy concessionaire, with the concession area accounting for 49.5% of the Group's EBITDA in 2020. This area is the pillar of the Group's growth, which has consolidated a business model in which it undertakes large infrastructures with the participation of multilateral financing, financial institutions, and the public and private sector. A concession business model in which Grupo Ortiz exploits all of its knowledge and experience in engineering, execution, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, as well as in financial and legal structuring. The most important milestones in 2020 were the following: In the concession area, the award and signing of two large contracts - Bosa Hospital and Energy Transmission Lines and Substations in Barranquilla - both in Colombia, for a total investment of €200m. In addition to these two concessions, the Tepic General Hospital in Mexico was put into operation more than a month ahead of schedule to join the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and, in Spain, the divestment of the La Africana solar thermal plant, in line with the Group's strategy of asset rotation. In the property area, the main focus was on the SOCIMI Grupo Ortiz Properties (Real Estate Investment Trust). The SOCIMI has assets valued at €195 million in the 2020 valuation. These are rental assets - housing, offices, car parks, service stations, etc. - with a capitalisation value of €95 million at the end of 2020. It is a SOCIMI that is focused on maximising shareholder returns, distributing a 4.45% quarterly return via cash to all of its shareholders. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the SOCIMI's business was only a 1% decrease in profitability compared to 2019 and a 5% drop in revenues compared to the previous year. In 2020, the SOCIMI refinanced with Deutsche Bank London, cancelling all of Grupo Ortiz's guarantees from the previous financing and reducing its financial expenses. In the energy area, Grupo Ortiz has consolidated its position as a global specialist in photovoltaic energy and power lines and substations. Grupo Ortiz operates globally and the turnover of the energy area -243M€- accounts for 53.3% of the Group's consolidated revenues. Within the Group's traditional field, infrastructure, Grupo Ortiz, which celebrated its 60th anniversary a few days ago, continues to apply its expertise both nationally and internationally in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Panama.

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