Magangué bypass and Transversal Momposina. Colombia

The Transversal Momposina. Magangué is the second most populated city in the department of Bolívar in Colombia. Situated on the banks of the Magdalena River, it is an important river port. The Transversal Momposina – Route 78 – connects the Troncal de Occidente with the Ruta del Sol through 4 departments: Sucre, Bolivar, Magdalena and Cesar. It is approximately 222 km long.

At present, heavy and long-distance traffic travelling along the Transversal crosses the municipality of Magangué. The bypass arises from the need to solve the mobility and safety conflicts that are created on roads that have been designed for urban traffic.

The Magangué bypass. It will start in the vicinity of the Camilo Torres neighbourhood and will run for more than 12 km to its future connection with the Santa Lucía Bridge built over the Magdalena River. This bridge connects Yatí with Isla Grande. The project also includes the construction of two roundabouts requested by the communities to resolve connectivity with Magangué.

The Ortiz Group companies in Colombia, Obrascol and Cosfesa Colombia, in consortium with the Colombian company Sainc Ingenieros S.A.S., have been awarded the contract for the Magangué Bypass and the improvement, rehabilitation and maintenance of the Transversal Momposina. After the construction of the bypass, the 222 km of the Transversal Momposina will be maintained. The budget amounts to nearly 47 million euros and the contract term is 8.5 years.