The New Third Deposit Park | CYII, Madrid

The works begin. In 2023, Madrid will have 12 hectares of park over the enormous storage space of drinking water.

The park on the Third Deposit of Canal de Isabel II, located on the plot bounded by Avenida de Filipinas, Avenida de Pablo Iglesias, Paseo de San Francisco de Sales and Calle de Santander, will soon be a reality. The joint venture (UTE) formed by Ortiz and Inditec was awarded the contract. The project has a budget of €9,896,744, not including VAT. The works will be carried out over 24 months. At the end of March 2023 the city of Madrid will have 12 hectares of park space over the cover of the enormous drinking water storage area.

HISTORY: 1915 – 2006
The water under the garden. The original construction of Deposit III goes back to 1915, when it was the biggest of the four deposits that Canal de Isabel II constructed in Madrid. Measuring 360 m x 216 m, it can store over 450,000 m3 of water.

The deposit consists of 4 equal sections underground, separated by walls. The structure of each of them is formed by 34 lines of brick arches, 6 metres apart from each other. A scaled concrete wall surrounds the whole structure, and it was originally covered by a ribbed block of concrete made on site. In 2002, when Canal de Isabel II decided for the first time to construct a park over the deposit, a major rehabilitation and reinforcement work was carried out on the pillars, arches and dividing walls. The dividing walls ended up being partially replaced by reinforced concrete walls. The original block, which is incapable of supporting the new loads required by use, was replaced by a hollow-core slab placed on prefabricated bars that were supported by the recently reinforced pillars. The external perimeter wall of the whole structure was surrounded by a screen of piles to absorb the new stresses. The first project for the park was not carried out and was replaced by another in 2006. The golf facilities included were incompatible with the classification granted to the infrastructure by the plan.

Finally, in 2021 the execution of a new park began, focused on 3 major actions: green areas, sports areas and leisure and cultural zones.

Green zones: The green areas will be increased by more than 10,000 m2, with an increase of 40% in trees, above all in the zone of the Santander Park, which will include over 800 trees and 100 bushes. The new facilities include the creation of an accessible Sensory Garden, specially designed to be enjoyed by people with visual disability, combining aromatic and tactile stimuli. Sports zones: their surface area will be extended by more than 11,000 m2, with multi-function sports areas that can be used by local schools for basketball, beach volleyball, handball, etc. and a skating rink. The former cafeteria and restaurant facilities will be converted into a gymnasium and provided with new changing rooms. Walkers and joggers will be provided with different routes. Leisure and cultural areas: among the most notable actions are the creation of a Multiuse Plaza of 5,300 m2, a Shadow Park of 3,700 m2 and an extensive zone of areas with water, play fountains and inclusive and accessible games for children.

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