2022 Results Presentation

Results Presentation Fiscal Year 2022

News update following the completion of the data audit. The downloadable presentation document now incorporates the audited data. On February 9, Grupo Ortiz's Provisional Results Presentation for fiscal year 2022 took place. The presentation was held at the Convention and Events Center of the RIU Plaza de España hotel in Madrid. Raúl Arce -Corporate General Manager- and María Carpintero -Financial Manager- presented the economic data and the evolution of the different business areas of the Group in the year 2022. In their speech, they highlighted the 28% increase in revenues, the award of 532 km 5G, in two new road concessions in Colombia and the 30% reduction in net financial debt. The Group's portfolio of contracted projects now exceeds €8.3 billion, an increase of 33% compared to 2021. These figures are accompanied by a 34% increase in employment compared to 2021. Digitalization and sustainability were two particularly relevant chapters within the overall corporate strategy statement.

Further information:
Here you can access the video of the provisional data presentation and consult the documentation with audited data.