New Road Concessions in Colombia: Troncal del Magdalena 1 and 2

Puerto Salgar – Barrancabermeja and Sabana de Torres – Curumaní

Between May and June, the National Infrastructure Agency of Colombia awarded the tenders of the fifth generation projects “Troncal del Magdalena 1” and “Troncal del Magdalena 2”. This corridor will complete the works of Sector 2 of the Ruta del Sol, which connects the interior with the Atlantic coast and could become the most important cargo corridor in Colombia.

The consortiums “Estructura Plural del Río Grande” and “Estructura Plural Autovía Magdalena Medio”, both formed by Grupo Ortiz and the Colombian company KMA Construcciones, were awarded the two projects.

ANI estimates that these projects will generate more than 100,000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced) and will reduce travel times for users by almost two hours on each of the two highways.

Both awards cover the EPC -1 year for pre-construction and 4 years for the construction phase- and Operation and Maintenance, with a term of up to 20 years.

Troncal del Magdalena 1
It runs between Puerto Salgar and Barrancabermeja, crossing the departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Santander. The contract includes, among other works, the operation and maintenance of 259.6 km, the construction of 118 km of second lane, 152.9 km of improvement and rehabilitation, the construction of 8 variants, the construction of 16 vehicular and 25 pedestrian bridges, and the construction of 2 service areas. The investment amounts to 806 million euros and the EPC to 558 million euros.
Troncal del Magdalena 2
It runs between the towns of Sabana de Torres and Curumaní, crossing the departments of Santander, Norte de Santander and Cesar. The contract specifies, among others, the following tasks: Operation and Maintenance of 272.1 km, construction of a second carriageway along 66.4 km, 116.2 km of Improvement and Rehabilitation, as well as the construction of 10 variants, 43 pedestrian bridges and 3 service areas. The investment amounts to 783 million euros and the EPC to 486 million euros.
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