The Concession “Transversal del Sisga”, prize-winner in the “Project Finance Deal of the Year” category at the "Bonds & Loans Latin America 2019” awards

The “Bonds & Loans Latin America 2019” awards held on 25th April 2019 awarded the “Project Finance Deal of the Year” prize to “Transversal del Sisga” in its ANDES category.

These awards are in recognition of outstanding achievements in the credit markets in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018.

Over 200 initiatives were submitted at this edition, with the concession “Transversal del Sisga” in the second round of fourth generation projects winning for its management securing the credit or final financial closure contract for the value of $575,200 million through prestigious financing entities such as: “Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional” (FDN), Fondo CAF-AM Ashmore, BlackRock private capital fund and the “Instituto de Crédito Oficial” (Public Bank of Spain) and the project structuring agent Credicorp Capital.  

The winning concession was the second to reach final financial closure among the projects in the second round. 

The objective of this concession is to successfully consolidate the existing highway corridor which starts in Chocontá (Cundinamarca), and the Boyaca towns of Guateque, Macanal and Santa María before arriving in Aguaclara belonging to Sabanalarga (Casanare). This included renovation and reconstruction works along 137 km of road surface, construction of four vehicle bridges, overhauling of 15 tunnels and stabilizing work on 180 damaged zones. The concession is currently ahead of schedule in all functional units.

The Sisga Crossing Concession is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of a vital highway corridor known as Transversal del Sisga which guarantees alternative highway communication between the center of the country and the eastern plains, comprising the Departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Casanare, and connecting the towns of Machetá, Guateque, Santa María, San Luis de Gaceno and other populations in the surrounding hinterland. 

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