Work completed on Functional Unit 1 of the Transversal del Sisga concession

The work on Sisga-Guateque highway, executed by KMA Construcciones and Grupo Ortiz consisted of renovating 49 km of roadway and work on 97 unstable areas.

Ernesto Carvajal Salazar, manager of the Transvesal del Sisga concession mentioned that “this work is fundamental for the region. Travelling times are reduced through this renovation work, as are the costs of operating buses and goods transport, whilst at the same time encouraging tourism in an area characterized by its spectacular scenery, diverse flora and fauna and friendly people”. Furthermore, users are provided with free services such as vehicle workshops, breakdown recovery, ambulances and support in the event of any kind of incident.

Insofar as the rest of the concession is concerned, major progress is being made on Functional Units 2 (Guateque-Macanal), 3 (Macanal-Santa María) and 4 (Santa María-Agua Clara), with work expected to be completed in the second half of 2020.

Work on Functional Unit 1:

      • Stabilization work.
      • Construction of 7 bridges.
      • Site development work at Machetá and Guateque.
      • Construction of toll station at Machetá.
      • Installation of SOS posts and message panels.
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