Privacy policy

The purpose of this information is to inform GRUPO ORTIZ Website Users about how their personal details are processed while they are browsing the Website. 

1. Ownership of the Website 

This Website is the property of ORTIZ CONSTRUCCIONES Y PROYECTOS, S.A. with registered address at Avenida Ensanche de Vallecas, 44, 28051, Madrid and NIF (Tax number) A19001205.

You may contact our Data Protection Officer here:

2. The data we collect and why it is processed 

By accessing this Website, GRUPO ORTIZ will identify your IP address and other connection and origin data. The IP address is a code that identifies the User’s Internet connection at a specific moment.

The whistleblowing form compiles identification and contact details, and information about the reported breach and any other personal information you wish to provide.

Only the User’s Internet provider can identify the subscriber the IP address is assigned to at any given time. Because of the nature of the server supporting the Website, Users’ IP addresses are automatically logged with the connection date and time.

Users guarantee that any data they supply are true, exact, complete and up-to-date, and will be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that breaching this obligation may cause.

In the event of the data that are provided meaning a third party can be identified, Users specifically guarantee that the third party has been duly informed about the purposes of providing their data to GRUPO ORTIZ and that their consent has been obtained, except in the case of the whistleblowing form, in which case the third party does not have to be informed.

In regard to personal details requested via forms, Users must provide the information marked with an asterisk. If this mandatory information is not provided, GRUPO ORTIZ will be unable to accept and deal with your request.

In the section PEOPLE, Users may check all the currently ongoing selection processes. In the event of applying for any of them, GRUPO ORTIZ will process Users’ personal details in order to assess their application to see if they fit the professional profiles required for current vacancies. 

Finally, in the case of suppliers, through section GROUP SITES, Users may use our tools to quickly and conveniently solve any procedures relating to GRUPO ORTIZ. We provide this portal as our solution for GRUPO ORTIZ to manage e-invoices, and to save costs and comply with current legislation. The SUPPLIER PORTAL is only available for GRUPO ORTIZ suppliers, and consequently the personal details pertaining to suppliers will be processed in order to manage our business in relation to access. 

3. Legal grounds for data processing 

Consent granted by users by sending a [*query or claim] via the forms provided for this purpose, in conjunction with the need to process data to maintain or comply with contractual relations are the grounds for legitimate processing.

For managing job candidates through our [*], we will process Users’ data on the grounds of the consent they give for the processing of their details, through including their data in our form and/or through data sent to us via e-mail.

GRUPO ORTIZ will process the details of our suppliers’ representatives including [*] on the grounds of executing contracts signed with suppliers.

If Users specifically consent to it, GRUPO ORTIZ will send them commercial information via e-mail or other electronic means.

4. Data recipients and international data transfer.

Your personal details may be transferred to Public Administration Departments, Authorities, Public Bodies, including Courts and Tribunals, when this is required through applicable regulations.

Likewise, GRUPO ORTIZ hires service providers such as IT and website maintenance companies, legal services and administration management services who, in accordance with the services they provide, may have access to personal data compiled by GRUPO ORTIZ. 

GRUPO ORTIZ selects and monitors these third parties and has signed data protection agreements with them obliging them to implement and observe a number of obligations in relation to data protection. Other than the aforementioned cases, GRUPO ORTIZ will not report your personal data to any other third party. In the event of any of our service providers or IT systems being located outside the EU, GRUPO ORTIZ will implement all the applicable guarantees in accordance with regulations to ensure adequate data management.

5. Conservation of personal data 

Personal details will be kept for the period any legal liabilities may arise (e.g. until expiry of liabilities that could stem from data protection or cyber-security regulations). 

6. Users’ rights in relation to data protection.

Users may exercise their rights to access, rectification, erasure, objection, limited processing and portability, and may also revoke their consent concerning data processing for which ORTIZ CONSTRUCCIONES Y PROYECTOS, S.A. is responsible by writing to our Data Protection Officer, accrediting their identity at the following address: Avenida Ensanche de Vallecas, 44, 28051, Madrid or by e-mail at, attaching a copy of their ID card, identifying themselves as Users of the ORTIZ CONSTRUCCIONES Y PROYECTOS, S.A. website and specifying the right they wish to exercise.  

If any Users would like any further information concerning this matter, or if they believe their data protection rights have been violated, they may contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( or the Data Protection Officer at GRUPO ORTIZ (Miguel Angel García Montserrat).

7. Security Measures

GRUPO ORTIZ have implemented the necessary security measures to ensure the integrity, security and conservation of the personal details stored in its systems in accordance with the provisions established in current data protection regulations, duly acknowledging and appreciating the importance of responsible use of this information.

8. Additional Information 

If any Users have any queries about the information in this Privacy Policy, they may ask about it by e-mailing us at: