Global expertise in sustainable investments covering all aspects of the project. Comprehensive engineering, financing, construction, operation and maintenance solutions.

Sustainable investments with diversification by geography and type of project
The strategy of Grupo Ortiz is to develop sustainable investments in which the execution of the projects and their subsequent operation and maintenance are carried out in whole or in part by Grupo Ortiz. These investments create important synergies with other business areas of the group such as Infrastructures and Energy. Diversification in type of project: road infrastructures, health, renewable energies such as thermosolar, wind and solar PV, environmental, cultural, sports and parking infrastructures.
Efficient management and trust of our partners
Success in management based on a high degree of compliance, with reasonable returns and even higher than expected at the outset. Trust of the Investor partners, in particular the state fund COFIDES in four concessions in Colombia delegating the management to Grupo Ortiz.
Our figures in Concessions
415 MWp
Renewable energy
2 Hospitals
Mexico and Colombia
1,185 km
Road Infrastructures
T&D Energy
24 km and 8 substations. Colombia
30,000+ m² Cultural and Sports Infrastructures
  • 415 MWp
    Renewable energy
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Sustainable investments in impact projects

Grupo Ortiz's shareholders are clearly committed to the permanent capitalisation of the company, which allows for continuous investment in sustainable concession projects. Grupo Ortiz, in application of its commitment to sustainability, always invests in sustainable projects with a positive impact on society and the environment, providing resources and solutions to the main problems affecting the planet, without forgoing profitability.

of local communities
Tonnes of CO2 avoided 2022
People with better health care
Less polluting
57,862 MWh
Renewable energy attributable to the Group 2022
  • Growth
    of local communities
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  • Featured projects

    Ribadeo WWTP, Spain

    Concessions / Infrastructure
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Concessions in the world
Grupo Ortiz implemented in the country
Country with completed projects
Concession Activities
Transport Concessions
Healthcare concessions
Energy concessions
Car parks concessions
Cultural, sports and environmental concessions
Essential Documents
Transparency, objective in the relationship with our stakeholders
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