Cultural, sports and environmental concessions

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Sustainable investments for the environment, culture and sport

Global experience in sustainable investments that contribute to the improvement of the environment, promote culture and sports activity. We cover all aspects of the project: • Engineering, providing comprehensive and innovative engineering, safety and environmental solutions, which allow meeting deadlines with high quality and safety standards in the execution of complex projects. • Construction, we have extensive experience building hydraulic infrastructures executing more than 25 projects in 5 countries and cultural and sports infrastructures with more than 30 projects carried out. • Operation and maintenance by different operating companies owned by Grupo Ortiz.

Ribadeo WWTP, Spain

Concessions / Infrastructure
Responsible and efficient infrastructures to take care of water

We design and execute supply systems using advanced engineering tools and provide water quality control solutions, adapting treatment systems to the requirements of both regulations and clients. We build automation projects for pumping stations, regulation ponds and a wide range of technological solutions. We also design and build water treatment facilities, such as: • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP). • Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP). • Wastewater Reuse. • Industrial Water Treatment Plants.

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Cultural, sports and environmental concessions
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