Transport Concessions

We have extensive experience in road concessions with more than 400 km managed in 4 projects.
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400 km
€950M +
  • 400 km
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Sustainable investments in road infrastructures

Global experience in sustainable investments for road infrastructures covering all aspects of the project: • Engineering, providing integral and innovative solutions for engineering, safety and environment, that allow us to meet deadlines with high standards of quality and safety in the execution of complex projects. • Financing, signing financing contracts mostly under Project Finance and with the first issue of Project Bond in the Spanish Alternative Fixed Income Market (MARF). • Construction, we have extensive experience building transport infrastructures under EPC contracts. More than 1,000 km of roads and highways and more than 200 km of high-speed railway lines. • Operation and maintenance, we maintain more than 630 km of roads, and more than 200 km of high-speed rail lines.

  • Transport Concessions

    Conexión Norte, Colombia

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We contribute to the improvement of mobility in all countries

Specialists since our origins in the construction of civil works, such as roads, highways, motorways, railway infrastructures, metropolitan transport lines and singular structures that accompany them. Today we have a long history of building, improving, maintaining and operating roads in Europe and Latin America, always taking care of their most important social and environmental impact.

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