Transport and distribution

A global benchmark in the Energy sector for the activity of distribution networks, transmission lines and transformation substations, we work for the main electrical operators, achieving a progressive and constant expansion of our market in Latin America, Europe and Asia.
km High voltage lines up to 400 kV
Transformer substations put into operation
MVAs of different types and voltages, from 45 kV to 400 kV
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    km High voltage lines up to 400 kV
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Working with electricity
Power transmission and substations are an integral part of our success story

With more than 40 years of experience in the area of energy transport and distribution, we have the technical, material and human resources, as well as the necessary approvals to carry out both cold and voltage work. We currently work for the main distributors and operators in Spain such as Red Eléctrica Española, Enel, Iberdrola and Naturgy and companies such as Edelnor, ISA, Conelsur, Transelec, CFE and TERNA in Latin America, for which we build overhead and underground transmission lines and electrical transformer substations of up to 400 kV, as well as operating and maintaining them.

We enable the integration of renewable energies into the electricity grid
Our ability to provide a comprehensive response to all phases of a power generation project allows us to resolve one of the most critical and sensitive parts of energy projects efficiently and in time, including the evacuation of the energy generated to the public network.
We operate and maintain high voltage infrastructures.
We operate and maintain High and Medium Voltage infrastructures from 13kV to 400kV for the main distribution companies both in Spain and in Latin America, with multi-year contracts. Highly specialised in the sector with the ability to perform electrical work at all voltage levels.
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    Culiacán Poniente Power Substation, Mexico

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