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More than 30 years of accredited experience in 5 countries, in the design, implementation and development of efficient infrastructures that transform water, manage waste responsibly and improve and protect green spaces, rural areas, rivers and forests.
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    Water management projects
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Infrastructures and R&D&I to care for water
We design and execute hydraulic works using advanced engineering tools. We provide water quality control solutions by adapting treatment systems to regulatory requirements and the needs of our clients. In order to promote the development of a productive, sustainable and quality agriculture, we build automation projects for pumping stations, regulation ponds and a wide range of technological solutions. We also design, build and operate water treatment facilities such as wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), drinking water treatment plants (DWTP), wastewater reuse and industrial water treatment plants.
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    Water treatment plant in Santiago, Panama

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Our work, our environment
We understand green areas as indispensable elements for people's quality of life and the positive management of waste as a way of reducing the consumption of natural resources and recovering degraded areas. We take care of the Rural Environment, of its own infrastructures, and we do it by providing local work and thus helping to fix its population. We monitor the health of our rivers and riverbanks and the forests in which we apply integrative techniques to stop soil erosion and increase its water retention capacity.
Committed: respect, protection and conservation of the environment
Taking care of the equilibrium of such a complex system requires acting on the different elements that comprise it. For this reason, at Grupo Ortiz, we focus our responsibility to the environment in an integral way. We are present throughout the water cycle - purifying, making drinkable, restoring headwaters of basins and protecting riverbanks - and in the mountains, reforesting and carrying out fire prevention tasks. We are in the Rural Environment, sustaining its way of life with the design of natural roads and agricultural and livestock infrastructures and also in the Urban, through the environmental integration of infrastructures and the creation of green spaces. And we are also at the end of the cycle: minimising the impact of waste produced by human activity and encouraging the production of clean energy thanks to biomass.

Renovation of Juan de Austria Park in Alcalá de Henares, Spain

A multidisciplinary team

Intervention in all phases of projects, from the technical-economic feasibility study to the construction and maintenance of facilities, using the latest techniques in bioengineering and infrastructures, is only possible thanks to our large team of multidisciplinary specialists. They are the best reflection of Grupo Ortiz's commitment to preserving the environment and its most precious asset, water.

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