Indagsa building system

Industrialised construction system that combines prefabricated concrete elements with "in situ" structure and allows it to be combined with other traditional construction systems.
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Engineering and constructive industrialisation
Since 1992 Grupo Ortiz has believed in the benefits and opportunities of industrialised construction systems, creating Indagsa, an engineering and manufacturing company. Since then, and after the experience acquired by its founders during several decades of design and execution of prefabricated structures for all types of buildings, the Indagsa construction system was created, an industrialised construction system that combines prefabricated concrete elements with "in situ" structures and can be combined with other traditional construction systems. The versatility of the system has allowed its application in all types of buildings: dwellings of any type and height, singular buildings, health centres, schools, offices and industrial buildings.
Architectural facades
We carry out both load-bearing facades and enclosure facades. Architectural concrete facades are made up of prefabricated panels in our own factory that are shipped and assembled on site. The design of these panels is totally adapted to the architecture of the façade and presents different finishes according to the project, in addition to being able to be coloured in mass and present various colours and tonalities. Architectural concrete facades are lined internally with any of the systems currently in use and constitute an optimum solution in terms of acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire protection.
The Indagsa system
Support Panel

Prefabricated reinforced concrete panels, made to measure, which function as load-bearing walls, both exterior and interior. In addition, additional elements such as stairs and columns or beams can be made.


Its design and manufacture adapt to any geometry of the building without conditioning its architectural design. The prefabricated elements are made with the desired dimensions, including openings for doors, windows or passage of installations.


Compatible with any other construction system or structural typology, normally used together with in situ concrete porticos and screens.

Prepared for plastering

It provides thermal and acoustic efficiency to the enclosure section in accordance with current regulations and may consist of ceramic panelling or gypsum plasterboard. Special emphasis is placed on thermal bridge breakage.

Combined with installations

The passage of installations such as plumbing, electricity, among others, is usually done by the lining of the prefabricated panel.

Various types of gaskets

Vertical joints between prefabricated panels can be dry with welded metal anchors, ductile dry with zipper or wet. On the other hand, the horizontal joint between panels is formed by welding, screwing or mortar-filled sheaths.

Benefits of the Indagsa Building System
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Specialists who ensure the project
We have a solid human team that develops the engineering of the execution project, the design and manufacture of the prefabricated elements and their assembly on site, in such a way as to guarantee both the correct use of the Indagsa construction system and its adaptation to architectural requirements.
Environmental infrastructures
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Refurbishment of singular and historic buildings