Refurbishment of singular and historic buildings

Grupo Ortiz's accredited experience in projects for the refurbishment of singular and historic buildings, as well as in the demolition of complex structures, has consolidated our image as a benchmark and as specialists in the refurbishment and conservation sector.
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Singular Building Rehabilitation Projects
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    Singular Building Rehabilitation Projects
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Rehabilitation of Singular Buildings
In Grupo Ortiz we have more than 35 years of extensive experience in the sector of rehabilitation of singular buildings and demolition of complex buildings. Among the most recent projects carried out in the city of Madrid are the refurbishment and consolidation of the España Building, Gran Vía 32, which houses Primark's flagship store, and the demolition of the Windsor Building in 2005, among others.
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    Renovation of Gran Vía 32 building, Madrid, Spain

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Preserving Historical Heritage
We have always believed in the importance of preserving Artistic Historical Heritage as a key element of a country's Culture. Applying careful restoration processes and procedures, we take care of the rehabilitation and artistic restoration of this Heritage with different profiles of specialized professionals to conserve buildings and monuments of great artistic and historical importance.
  • Complete restoration of the Santa María la Antigua Cathedral, Panama

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Specialists in rehabilitation, consolidation and demolition

We have specialised personnel with many years of experience in rehabilitation, consolidation and demolition works, who know perfectly the complexity involved in these works, as they can compromise the stability of a building, generally affected in its structure, as well as other variables such as the situation of the building in which you are going to act, confined among other buildings, or access to the work in buildings located in the historic districts of cities.

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