Transport infrastructures

We are specialists in the execution of railway infrastructures thanks to our constant technical evolution and wide range of own machinery that allows us to intervene in all levels of networks, as well as in road infrastructures.
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Execution and development of Railway Infrastructures

Our activity in the railway sector covers the execution and rehabilitation of infrastructures in the different levels of networks: conventional, high speed and metropolitan transport, with the capacity to carry out all the necessary works. We carry out construction works, reinforcement and improvement of tracks, tunnels, bridges and stations, consolidation of trenches, conditioning of slopes and reconstruction of ditches. The constant technical evolution, a large and modern fleet of machinery and the guarantee of work well done in collaboration with railway managers, has earned us the trust of our clients and the approval of the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF) of the Ministry of Development in Spain.

Road Infrastructures
We have almost 60 years in the market and it was precisely in the transport sector where we started our activity, assuming increasingly larger projects. Today we have a long history of execution, improvement and maintenance of road infrastructures in Spain and Latin America, especially in Colombia where we are executing large road network projects. Our experience already reaches more than 1.000 kms of roads. These are infrastructures with a significant or beneficial social and environmental impact.
We contribute to the improvement of mobility

The execution of transport infrastructures is one of the foundations of Grupo Ortiz's implantation in the international market. This experience added to the activity that we carry out in Concessions drives us to undertake large public infrastructures projects that facilitate the mobility of people and goods in all the countries where we are present.

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Parking lots and improvement of urban environments
Parking lots, airport works, urbanisation and the refurbishment of urban areas complete our comprehensive offer for the world of mobility and the improvement of the environments in which people live.
Certificates to execute railway infrastructures
We want to facilitate access to all information and certifications for the performance of our activity in railway infrastructure.
Healthcare infrastructures
Environmental infrastructures
Refurbishment of singular and historic buildings
Indagsa building system