La Africana Thermosolar Plant, Spain
La Africana Thermosolar Plant, Spain
This concession includes the construction under the EPC mode and the operation of a 50 MW thermosolar plant, with cylindrical-parabolic collector technology with salt accumulation. It is currently the largest thermosolar plant in Spain.
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    Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) y Africana Energía S.L.
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The project in figures
€1.096 M
Estimated Income
€293 M
Project Finance with BBVA, ICO, Santander, Bankia, Sabadell, Caixa and Bankinter
25 years
Duration of the concession
Millions of tons of CO2 emissions avoided
  • €1.096 M
    Estimated Income
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CO2 emissions are avoided, which during one year are of the order of 152 thousand tons and during the 25 years of the project's life are estimated at 4.2 million tons.

La Africana, a technological and environmental benchmark at the international level

Africana Energía is committed to efficiency and constant technological innovation, a sign of identity present both in engineering and in the operation of the thermosolar plant. The solar field consists of rows of parabolic trough collectors. These mirrors are made of hot-formed polished glass panels with a direct radiation of 1,950 kWh/m2 per year and the existing surface of 510,000 m2 of parabolic collectors. This thermosolar farm could receive 458,500,000 kWh in one year. The plant has a thermal storage system with molten salts that provides energy even in conditions of lower radiation and for more than 7 hours. These salts, stored in two tanks, exchange heat with the fluid from the solar field, continuing the cycle of steam generation that moves the turbine to finally produce electricity.