Ribadeo WWTP, Spain
Ribadeo WWTP, Spain
Grupo Ortiz participates in the joint venture WWTP Ribadeo responsible for the construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in operation since September 2011. The project consisted of the design, construction, maintenance, operation and management of the WWTP.
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€ 2 M
Estimated Income
20 years
Duration of the concession
Millions of m³ design flow
People benefited
  • € 2 M
    Estimated Income
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Responsible and efficient infrastructure to take care our environment

The Ribadeo WWTP is a wastewater treatment plant using a system of sludge activated by prolonged aeration at low load and simultaneous stabilization of sludge, including nutrient removal through nitrification-denitrification processes and chemical precipitation of phosphorus. With the Ribadeo WWTP we have contributed to: • Optimising the different purification processes, applying the latest technologies. • Reducing energy consumption. • Ensuring purification yields. • Carrying out environmental management of sludge, waste and by-products generated in the treatment processes. • The cleaning of the Ría de Ribadeo, by having a submarine emissary.