Sisga Crossing, Colombia
Sisga Crossing, Colombia
Concession under PPP scheme that will consist of rehabilitation works, pavement reconstruction and attention to critical points that guarantee the passability of the Sisga - Macheta - Guateque - San Luis de Gaceno - Aguaclara corridor in an approximate length of 137 km. It became fully operational in February 2022.
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    Agencia Nacional de Infraestructuras (ANI)
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The project in figures
1,495 M€
Expected Revenue
€196 M
Bank financing
Years duration of the concession
People benefited
  • 1,495 M€
    Expected Revenue
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Bringing people together, shortening distances

The Sisga Transversal Corridor will benefit more than 100,000 inhabitants of Colombia who need a connection from the centre of the country to the eastern plains, contributing to a saving in travel time of two hours. It will also benefit the regions by creating new areas of tourist interest, benefiting the livestock sector and improving road safety.

Bonds & Loans Latin America 2019 Award

This means the recognition of Grupo Ortiz for its management in the achievement of the credit contract or financial closing for a value of $575.2 billion, with financial institutions of wide recognition as the Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN), the CAF-AM Ashmore Fund, the Blackrock Private Equity Fund and the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (public bank of Spain) and the structuring of the project Credicorp Capital.