We invest and manage a diversified portfolio of high-quality real estate assets that generate growth and profitability.

Safe investment
A strategy designed to generate value

Our investment strategy, the knowledge of the assets and having a wide range of services for their integral maintenance generates growth and profitability.

Property figures
m² Tertiary product
Social housing IVIMA and EMV
Housing for rent
Publicly promoted social housing
m² on land and plots without associated financial debt
  • 45,000
    m² Tertiary product
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The importance of proper asset management
We manage a wide variety of asset types, mainly residential, tertiary for industrial and office use and land development. This allows us to adapt to the cyclical nature of the sector and to better face future growth opportunities. We are the exclusive manager of GOP Properties Socimi S.A. and we have a commitment to its operational management, maintaining a stake of at least 30% over the next few years.
Soils, future development
Grupo Ortiz has almost 2 million square metres of land and plots, of which 59,692 are finalist plots with a building area of 64,196 m². The finalist plots are mainly for industrial use (76%), 12% for commercial use, with the remaining 12% for residential use.
GOP Properties Socimi
With the aim of rearranging all the real estate assets for rent, the real estate company Grupo Ortiz Properties was created through a Socimi and incorporated into the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in July 2017. In March 2023, at the general meeting of shareholders, the change to its current name was approved. GOP Properties Socimi's main activity is the management of assets in Spain and its objective is the generation of recurring income for shareholders and the creation of value in their assets.
A profitable SOCIMI
€196.48 M
Asset Value 2022
€95.91 M
Market Capitalisation 2022
Occupation of real estate
Annual return with quarterly distribution to shareholders 2022
  • €196.48 M
    Asset Value 2022
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