We maintain and manage transport infrastructures, hydraulics, buildings, urban and natural environments through our specialised teams and care for the environment.

Infrastructures Maintenance
From the commitment with our clients to provide an integral service and the knowledge that our experience gives us in the execution and improvement of infrastructures for transport, water management and buildings, we provide services and maintenance always prioritising the most important thing: the safety of people and environmental care.
Our way of working
Financial Solvency

We grow responsibly and sustainably. Our financial solvency together with the high technical and managerial training are the pillars of this growth.

Fast response

Respond quickly to the needs of our clients, adapt to new business and be open to new opportunities.

Commitment to the project

We believe that each project is a new opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customers and the improvement of people's quality of life.


Gestionamos los proyectos involucrando a grandes especialistas y creando equipos multidisciplinares que con una visión integral afrontan todos los retos.


Safety at work is a crucial element in our activity: protection of equipment, people and projects.


Thanks to our great diversification, we are able to apply the acquired experience of all our activities to achieve the best results.

Engineering that ensures the viability of the projects

Grupo Ortiz is a benchmark in the sector thanks to the passion for excellence shown every day by its great professionals. Our engineering teams review each project guaranteeing the safety of all the people and teams involved, as well as their viability and efficiency.

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    Integral management of the municipal forest parks and nurseries of the City of Madrid, Spain

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Transport infrastructure maintenance
Comprehensive building maintenance
Environmental infrastructure maintenance
Immediate emergency response