Comprehensive building maintenance

Benchmark in the Community of Madrid in the integral, corrective, preventive maintenance of buildings and improvement of their energy efficiency.
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Ensuring everything works
Following the highest standards of quality and service, we ensure that our clients' buildings are fully operational so they can concentrate on what they do best, whether it's caring for patients inside a hospital, teaching children at school or providing public services to citizens. The services we offer to our clients range from comprehensive building maintenance, including cleaning and reception services, corrective maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment installations, energy efficiency improvement and preventive maintenance that allows buildings to meet all legal and safety requirements.
Commitment to our clients
Our work covers complex and high-profile buildings, including public sector facilities and relevant institutions. Since 1983 we have been working with the Madrid City Council for the integral technical maintenance, conservation and repair of municipal buildings, commitments that have been periodically renewed and that cover different districts of the capital of Spain.
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Environmental infrastructure maintenance
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