Environmental infrastructure maintenance

We are specialists in integral management services, operation and maintenance of all types of hydraulic infrastructures and a benchmark in maintenance services for green spaces, mountains, rivers and banks and street cleaning services.
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Ensure access to safe drinking water and a clean environment

Following the highest standards of quality, service and respect for the environment, we carry out the management, operation and maintenance of hydraulic installations such as: Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), Drinking Water Treatment Plants (DWTP), Industrial Water Treatment Plants, as well as integral treatment and supply systems. In our commitment to preserving and improving the environment, we maintain green spaces - parks, gardens, sports spaces - reforestation, use of biomass, prevention and extinction of fires, restoration of river basins, maintenance of dams and networks. We also carry out municipal solid waste collection (MSW) and street cleaning, we manage the operation of treatment plants for different discharges and soil decontamination

A highly-qualified multidisciplinary team
Our team has the experience and capacity to solve any action demanded by the service. Our objectives in management and maintenance of integral water cycle facilities are to optimise processes by applying the latest technologies, reduce energy consumption, ensure purification yields and the environmental management of sludge, waste and generated by-products. Grupo Ortiz's commitment to caring for the environment dates back more than 30 years, during which we have been working with local authorities and other organisations we help to improve the environment and preserve its character.
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    Integral management of the municipal forest parks and nurseries of the City of Madrid, Spain

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