Purpose and values

Our goals and values drive everything we do.

Our Purpose
"People committed to sustainable solutions"

We design technical solutions to respond effectively to today's problems and anticipate tomorrow's. We are a global group that develops renewable energy projects and sustainable infrastructures. At Grupo Ortiz we articulate our business model around people, innovation and effort. Efficient use of resources. A firm and sustainable commitment.

Letter from the Chairman

"The line between technical-economic reliability and business principles -good governance, respect and protection of the environment and social commitment- has completely disappeared. Today, our behavior in each one of these aspects not only affects the outcome of the others, but it will also align them strategically. It is, in short, a demanding context that impels us to renew our commitment to sustainability every day in order to remain considered a global partner".

Mission and vision
Our mission
To provide integral services in Concessions, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Infrastructures and Engineering while being faithful to our values. To develop projects and investments of high-quality technical content that positively impact people's lives and provide an increase in added value. Innovate and adapt to contribute to sustainable development wherever we intervene.
Our vision
To be a global benchmark in the development and management of Concessions, Energy, Infrastructures and Engineering, making innovation our tool to achieve increasingly efficient and scalable solutions, cleaner and more accessible energy and sustainable and resilient infrastructures. To deepen the diversification of our activity and the generation of added value. To contribute, through our areas of activity, to a development that makes it possible for current and future generations to enjoy a better life and a more sustainable planet.
The values that define us

We fulfill our commitments. We align our activity with the best interests of our clients and the communities in which we operate. Every project we execute is an opportunity to make our sustainable commitment a reality, promote economic development, environmental protection and social progress.


For our experience, which serves as a guide to seek technical excellence. Our multidisciplinary team, a guarantee of lasting relationships based on trust. For our flexibility and adaptation to change, which makes us agile in decisions and allows us to be faithful to our principles.


We define our strategy independently. We know that to work with honesty and transparency is to invest in the present and future of our company. We assess risks beforehand to always provide added value and produce results that are socially valuable.

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Corporate Governance
We are aware that efficient and responsible management is a necessary condition to achieve our main goal: a sustainable economic growth model.
Our principles
Responsible management and commitment to good professional practice, legality, the people who make up the company and society in general.
Essential Documents
Download our documents that show the evolution of our business, our ethical commitment, good business practices and the development of the activity of our employees under a code of ethics and professional conduct.